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Audit Plan Development - Expert Risk Universe Definition - Audit Management
Over 20 Years Experience developing & delivering specialized high-tech & telecom specific audit plans for carriers of all sizes, types and regions.

Experienced auditor and consultant working for IBM Global Services, Deloitte-Touche and GRAPA. Specializing in Revenue Assurance, Telecoms Fraud, Cyber Security & the highly technical audit universe including SS7 Voice, IP Data, MPLS-Corporate Services and complex telecoms business models including interconnect, roaming, IPX, GRX, IOT, M2M, Cloud, Fiber, Broadcast, Satellite and related. 

Co-Sourcing - Short Term Supplement to Staff 
Experienced auditor able to supplement your staff on-site or remotely for days, weeks or months as required. Interviewing, researching, in depth background investigations, forensic research and the writing of concise, coherent audit reports. 

Having all the staff on hand that you need in order to cover the breadth and depth of audits demanded by audit committees today is virutally impossible. As an experienced specialist, I can provide a great boost to your capacity and the morale of your team.

Expert Advisory Service - Assist Auditors with Highly Specialized Domains / Issues 
Providing your staff with access to an expert in those highly specialized areas that though critical, are only called upon sporadically can greately increase the productivity and the confidence of their audit activities.  

Whether your team needs a quick consult, help putting together their audit plan for a tough domain, or a full briefing on the major risk profiles and issues in a highly specialized area (emerging risk or legacy risk), access to an on-demand expert can provide a boost to productivity and confidence.

Experience : By the Numbers

What are audit committees and investors looking for from their audit teams. Accuracy. Thoroughness. But more than anything else - CONFIDENCE. They want their auditors to be sure that all the risks have been identified and mitigated appropriately. 

Confidence comes from experience more than anything else. The numbers can speak for themselves. 

Years of Experience
Telecoms Served
Audits Assisted
Major Leakages Discovered

Specialized Telecommunications Audit Domains

Specializing in the high risk, extremely complex, high tech domains in both the emerging risk as well as legacy risk domains. 
IOT - Internet of Things
New emerging high risk domain, with high potential for profit and loss. 
Increased data speeds but with exceedingly complex rating, profit and policy management challenges. Today's greatest "hidden risk" portfolio. 
Legacy Voice Net (SS7)
New vulnerabilities to traditional SS7 networks due to IP based hack vectors leave many voice carriers extremely vulnerable. 
Corporate Services
Leased lines, VPN, MPLS, Rings, Co-Lo , Managed Services 
Revenue Assurance
Industry thought leader in all topics associated with revenue assurance. RA charters, controls, KPI's and assessment. 
Telecoms Fraud Mgmt
Major telecoms fraud domains including PBX Hack, Simbox, Call Sell, IFRS, Traffic Hijack and Refiling. 
Specialized issues and risks associated with mobile network based banking systems. 
WiFi & HetNets
Carrier grade commercial wifi systems, heterogenous networks that integrate wifi into existing systems, HotSpot assurance and WiFi roaming. 
Cloud & Big Data
Specialized knowledge and skills associated with the hosting & partnering with cloud and Big Data partners. 
Data Src & Wholesale IP
IPX, GRX, WRX, Tier 1, Shared Fiber and other methods of wholesale data delivery and provisioning. Wholesale data sourcing & costing. 
International and domestic roaming, DCH assurance, steering and other high risk partner activities 
MVNO Operations
VMNO operational profiles and hidden risk parameters associated with the MVNO business partnership. 

Skills Profile

It takes more than just knowing things to be an effective auditor. 
Interviewing Skills 90%
Forensic Accounting 91%
Data Analysis & Statistics 95%
Written & Verbal Communication87%


I have worked with Rob Mattison for over 8 years having him assist with dozens of audits across Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has worked with my local audit staff and provided valuable leadership, training and coaching in some pretty tough situations. He has been a big boost to my team. 
Senior Manager Corporate Audits Multi-national Carrier
Rob has shown a depth of understanding in terms of both the technical and compliance issues rarely found in the financial compliance area. 
Sr Auditor PWC
Robs Mobile Money Audit Program provided huge value to our team. We were able to anticipate CFO and Top Management issues before they raised them. This program made us LOOK GOOD. 
Rev. Assurance Manager South African Operator