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Audit Planning Support

Pre-Audit Preparation

Pre-Audit Preparation

Helping the auditor prepare for the audit. Performing pre-audit research for the auditor to streamline the audit process.
Pre-Audit Domain Briefing

Pre-Audit Domain Briefing

Prepare and deliver a pre-audit best practices briefing for the auditor (or audit team). Provide the team with the background information necessary to cut to the heart of the audit in a minimum about of time.  Briefing on industry standard practices, vocabulary and indiosyncracies of the target audit domain.
Checklist & Questionnaire Prep

Checklist & Questionnaire Prep

Industry standard questionnaires and checklists for the audit domain.
Audit Plan Review & Direction

Audit Plan Review & Direction

Review of the proposed audit plan with the auditor. Provide feedback on strategy, approach and details. Provide tips and methods for speeding the audit and focusing on the issues most critical to success.

Get Audits Completed - Faster - More Efficiently

An 'expert' research assistant for your audit team

I can help your auditors boost their productivity and effectiveness. Just let me know what the audit area, objectives and issues need to be addressed. I will:
Do any preliminary research on the area to be audited
Prepare a 30-60 minute brief for the auditor(s)
Meet with auditor - deliver briefing
Review letter, checklist, questionnaires, interview questions
Provide feedback & support
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Improved Audit Outcomes

1. Happier Auditees 
2. Happier Auditors 
3. Happier Management
Our mission


Confidence Building

1. Background Info
2. Context
3. Vocabulary
4. Confidence